Children belong in their own culture, not in a foreign one

As it turns out, I am far from alone being held against my will in a foreign country. There are an entire website called Exiled and Unwanted children dealing with the issue.

My story is not the typical one. I had the support of the custorial parent to live like I did. Still I endured a too long stay abroad before I was able to escape back to Denmark where I since have lived the life of an ordinary Dane.

Why are there not more done to keep children in the culture, they grew up in?

When none is watching out for you

As those who read my book knows, I was sent away years ago. I will never take the names of the two places I was sent to into my mouth. However I feel that it very well could have been me who have been the victim of abuse when I saw this post on Fornits with a link:

Sexual Assaults at Diamond Ranch Academy

Isolated at this so-called treatment facility this girl had none to turn to. Her letters and phone calls monitored. No case worker from the local department of children visiting. Where should she go?

The worst part is that it seems that the management was informed that the employee were out of control. He had been warned. I am only asking: How many warnings does it take before such a management interferes? Now many young lives will have to be negative affected before they react?

I don’t know where I would have been if my father hadn’t rescued me. The damage inflicted upon me having been forced into another culture made it hard for me to really bound with my friends the last years of schooling before I made the choice to drop out and work in supermarkets (which I expect to do for the rest of my working life).

It took years before I could act as a normal young Dane and really let my self lose. To this very day I do not trust people to allow someone to live with me beside my cats.

I only not lost the months from my life while I was in the States. I continue to lose life I could have been part of talking marriage and children.

I hope this girl get compensation so she can move on with her life.

A nurse who should shut up

A nurse is angry about the many young fresh students who come into the hospitals in Denmark because they have been bingedrinking to a level where their bodies protest against the huge intake of alcohol.

I feel that she should shut up.

Having been in a part of the world where drinking alcohol is seen upon like a sin, I have to say: Leave the teenagers to drink!

Because drinking is far more than having fun. Drinking is also about socializing.

We do not want young people to isolate themselves out of fear of what happens if they are caught drinking alcohol because in the year 2017 it results in terrorism. My cousin lives in the western part of Sealand. A young girl who isolated herself, was suddenly recruited by ISIS. The police arrested her before she was able to blow two schools up.

So the nurse should think about which injuries she wants to treat. In towns like Stockholm, Berlin, Manchester, Paris and London people are treated for missing arms and legs instead of alcohol poison. Is it what she really wants?

Is is OK to have no ambitions

In Denmark right now people talk about how awful it is that people who have used years on Universities will not work for the supermarket chain Netto which is a kind of discount chain operating in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

I work for Netto.

But I haven’t studied at any university or will ever do so.

Because I am from the working class in Denmark. Social heritage matters and I was not destined in life to achieve big things. It doesn’t matter if the state can grant you some funds or you can borrow to a cheap interest rate. Fact it that education for us ordinary people remains out of reach. For us Netto is a good place to work. If we are allowed to on the long run!!!

Because even in Netto, the owners look for people who they don’t have to pay full salary. People who are on sick leave, have a so-called disability, people who are unemployed without an education and refugees who needs to learn how to work in Denmark are taken in and the public system pays their salary. People like me are kicked out because we are too expensive!!

So I can understand why people who have studied for years at universities will not work for Netto, because when they studied and they become 18 years of age and required full ordinary salary, they were no longer interesting for the supermarkets taking the late shifts. So why should the former students aid them now where they really are looking for jobs which matches their education?

However I feel that people are looking down on us who were born to become less in the society. I have done no crime. I pay my taxes. But the elite in our society and all their high-important friends down in the European Union moves without thinking on us.

Globalized markets are not to our benefits. We pay the price with lower salary risking being kicked out because we are too expensive.

We will not ever recover from the economically depression.

I am bitter and depressed!!!!

DRA-survivors are not more

I am never going to tell people where I was when I was sent to Utah by mother in order to make me betray my Danish legacy. However I continue to be haunted by the experiences I went though when part of my life, I could have used to party with my friends and protect my neighborhood against gangs from the outside my local neighborhood, was robbed from me. I felt lonely, neglected and abandoned. Nothing good came from it at all.

That why I was shocked to learn that Diamond Ranch Academy was able to take over the DRAsurvivors website, so people who suffered like me during their teenage years were denied to tell their story.

Diamond Ranch Academy is like other places in Utah which basically functions as private paid child prisons good business for the local area and the state of Utah in general. So the local authorities have absolutely no interest in protecting the children placed those places. Children who in many cases did nothing wrong but to be adopted into a family who didn’t really want them but just wanted to a trophy child, they could show to family and friends. Children like me who had chosen an European lifestyle (I grew up in Denmark).

At Diamond Ranch Academy they suffered various forms of torment if they didn’t adapt to the lifestyle of the area but more like the lifestyle their peers and in some case even the lifestyle their parents lived by.

Two boys died at Diamond Ranch Academy. The latest one was a suicide a result of the harsh treatment he endured at the ranch.

Now there is no voices who can tell how awful it was to be there and how people were struggling for decades fighting the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Some are even not among us anymore as they found it too hard to live on based on their experiences at the ranch.

I am feeling sad that the voices of the survivors have been silenced.

It could have happened to me

There were times during my stay in the United States where I believed that I would have returned to Denmark in a box. I was fortunately enough to survive to tell my story.

One of the teenagers who weren’t so lucky was Phil Williams Jr. who ended his days at Elan School in Maine. I was never in Elan School but I imagine that it was just as bad as the punitive boarding school I attended in Utah.

Phil Williams died and many believe that he died as result of injuries inflicted upon him in a so-called therapeutic boxing ring. A concept where a lot of teenagers are allowed to hit one student so he could confess everything the therapists wanted.

Elan School is today most known for obtaining the wrongful confession of a murder on a girl which resulted in conviction of a member of the Kennedy family.

I hope that they are able to reconstruct the last days of his life so they can put the blame of his death on the right people – the Elan School and the employees who ran it.

Read more in a local newspaper article
Student’s death investigated decades later (MMTW news)

Where am I now

Some have properly read how I was tricked into first a wilderness program and then a boarding school while I was in the United States. For some years it took a lot just trying to live normally as a Dane again.

I understand how it is to be alone and see all your classmates having fun and partying while they are in school. I understand why some become radicalized and bitter on our society because something inside they prevent them to party and become drunk.

I it a question whether your anger and frustration target others or your keep all these things inside yourselves where it just boils and prevent yourself from moving forward.

The turning point for me was to write my story. When I had it down on paper I no longer had to carry it in my system and I was able to move forward. I was able to talk with my mother again. I was able to travel back to the United States again. I was able to start to live like a normal Dane and go out and party again.

I am now in a happier place. But I still feel that the treatment robbed me of many years where I could have got another life. The path you don’t choose might have hold better options. But should I go back and become bitter? No instead I will use my frustration and remaining anger to make the days worse for those how I believe deserves a harder day. Those professionals who insist of using the treatment options I was put through.

It is my way of handing the Post traumatic Stress Disorder the doctor labeled me with because I was robbed part of my teenage years where I could have gone out and become drunk like every other young Dane.

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