As those who read my book knows, I was sent away years ago. I will never take the names of the two places I was sent to into my mouth. However I feel that it very well could have been me who have been the victim of abuse when I saw this post on Fornits with a link:

Sexual Assaults at Diamond Ranch Academy

Isolated at this so-called treatment facility this girl had none to turn to. Her letters and phone calls monitored. No case worker from the local department of children visiting. Where should she go?

The worst part is that it seems that the management was informed that the employee were out of control. He had been warned. I am only asking: How many warnings does it take before such a management interferes? Now many young lives will have to be negative affected before they react?

I don’t know where I would have been if my father hadn’t rescued me. The damage inflicted upon me having been forced into another culture made it hard for me to really bound with my friends the last years of schooling before I made the choice to drop out and work in supermarkets (which I expect to do for the rest of my working life).

It took years before I could act as a normal young Dane and really let my self lose. To this very day I do not trust people to allow someone to live with me beside my cats.

I only not lost the months from my life while I was in the States. I continue to lose life I could have been part of talking marriage and children.

I hope this girl get compensation so she can move on with her life.


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