A nurse is angry about the many young fresh students who come into the hospitals in Denmark because they have been bingedrinking to a level where their bodies protest against the huge intake of alcohol.

I feel that she should shut up.

Having been in a part of the world where drinking alcohol is seen upon like a sin, I have to say: Leave the teenagers to drink!

Because drinking is far more than having fun. Drinking is also about socializing.

We do not want young people to isolate themselves out of fear of what happens if they are caught drinking alcohol because in the year 2017 it results in terrorism. My cousin lives in the western part of Sealand. A young girl who isolated herself, was suddenly recruited by ISIS. The police arrested her before she was able to blow two schools up.

So the nurse should think about which injuries she wants to treat. In towns like Stockholm, Berlin, Manchester, Paris and London people are treated for missing arms and legs instead of alcohol poison. Is it what she really wants?


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