In Denmark right now people talk about how awful it is that people who have used years on Universities will not work for the supermarket chain Netto which is a kind of discount chain operating in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

I work for Netto.

But I haven’t studied at any university or will ever do so.

Because I am from the working class in Denmark. Social heritage matters and I was not destined in life to achieve big things. It doesn’t matter if the state can grant you some funds or you can borrow to a cheap interest rate. Fact it that education for us ordinary people remains out of reach. For us Netto is a good place to work. If we are allowed to on the long run!!!

Because even in Netto, the owners look for people who they don’t have to pay full salary. People who are on sick leave, have a so-called disability, people who are unemployed without an education and refugees who needs to learn how to work in Denmark are taken in and the public system pays their salary. People like me are kicked out because we are too expensive!!

So I can understand why people who have studied for years at universities will not work for Netto, because when they studied and they become 18 years of age and required full ordinary salary, they were no longer interesting for the supermarkets taking the late shifts. So why should the former students aid them now where they really are looking for jobs which matches their education?

However I feel that people are looking down on us who were born to become less in the society. I have done no crime. I pay my taxes. But the elite in our society and all their high-important friends down in the European Union moves without thinking on us.

Globalized markets are not to our benefits. We pay the price with lower salary risking being kicked out because we are too expensive.

We will not ever recover from the economically depression.

I am bitter and depressed!!!!


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