I am never going to tell people where I was when I was sent to Utah by mother in order to make me betray my Danish legacy. However I continue to be haunted by the experiences I went though when part of my life, I could have used to party with my friends and protect my neighborhood against gangs from the outside my local neighborhood, was robbed from me. I felt lonely, neglected and abandoned. Nothing good came from it at all.

That why I was shocked to learn that Diamond Ranch Academy was able to take over the DRAsurvivors website, so people who suffered like me during their teenage years were denied to tell their story.

Diamond Ranch Academy is like other places in Utah which basically functions as private paid child prisons good business for the local area and the state of Utah in general. So the local authorities have absolutely no interest in protecting the children placed those places. Children who in many cases did nothing wrong but to be adopted into a family who didn’t really want them but just wanted to a trophy child, they could show to family and friends. Children like me who had chosen an European lifestyle (I grew up in Denmark).

At Diamond Ranch Academy they suffered various forms of torment if they didn’t adapt to the lifestyle of the area but more like the lifestyle their peers and in some case even the lifestyle their parents lived by.

Two boys died at Diamond Ranch Academy. The latest one was a suicide a result of the harsh treatment he endured at the ranch.

Now there is no voices who can tell how awful it was to be there and how people were struggling for decades fighting the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Some are even not among us anymore as they found it too hard to live on based on their experiences at the ranch.

I am feeling sad that the voices of the survivors have been silenced.


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