There were times during my stay in the United States where I believed that I would have returned to Denmark in a box. I was fortunately enough to survive to tell my story.

One of the teenagers who weren’t so lucky was Phil Williams Jr. who ended his days at Elan School in Maine. I was never in Elan School but I imagine that it was just as bad as the punitive boarding school I attended in Utah.

Phil Williams died and many believe that he died as result of injuries inflicted upon him in a so-called therapeutic boxing ring. A concept where a lot of teenagers are allowed to hit one student so he could confess everything the therapists wanted.

Elan School is today most known for obtaining the wrongful confession of a murder on a girl which resulted in conviction of a member of the Kennedy family.

I hope that they are able to reconstruct the last days of his life so they can put the blame of his death on the right people – the Elan School and the employees who ran it.

Read more in a local newspaper article
Student’s death investigated decades later (MMTW news)


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