Some have properly read how I was tricked into first a wilderness program and then a boarding school while I was in the United States. For some years it took a lot just trying to live normally as a Dane again.

I understand how it is to be alone and see all your classmates having fun and partying while they are in school. I understand why some become radicalized and bitter on our society because something inside they prevent them to party and become drunk.

I it a question whether your anger and frustration target others or your keep all these things inside yourselves where it just boils and prevent yourself from moving forward.

The turning point for me was to write my story. When I had it down on paper I no longer had to carry it in my system and I was able to move forward. I was able to talk with my mother again. I was able to travel back to the United States again. I was able to start to live like a normal Dane and go out and party again.

I am now in a happier place. But I still feel that the treatment robbed me of many years where I could have got another life. The path you don’t choose might have hold better options. But should I go back and become bitter? No instead I will use my frustration and remaining anger to make the days worse for those how I believe deserves a harder day. Those professionals who insist of using the treatment options I was put through.

It is my way of handing the Post traumatic Stress Disorder the doctor labeled me with because I was robbed part of my teenage years where I could have gone out and become drunk like every other young Dane.

If you are interested in reading this blog, just follow it.


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